Technical perfection vs photos with soul

Technical perfection vs photos with soul

When you’re learning a new skill or trying to perfect your craft, it’s natural to aim for perfection, to want your shot to be absolutely the best it can be.


And it’s great to have high standards and to push yourself to grow and improve as a photographer.

But there are times when perfection matters less than taking a shot that has soul, a picture that tells a compelling story, despite – or maybe even because of – its technical flaws.

In this video, from popular landscape photographer and youtube, Thomas Heaton, he talks about a few recent shots that he knows are far from perfect, but he loves them anyway.

He loves the mood or the atmosphere or the way the imperfections actually add to the image on some level.

So, if you’re still learning your photography craft and sometimes feel disappointed with your level of technical skills, take heart that there is more to great photography than the perfect exposure or depth of field.

As Thomas says;

“It’s all about what happens in the moment, that split second when you press the shutter and capture what’s in front of you.”

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