How Does a Photographer Make Money?

How Does a Photographer Make Money?

So, you’ve been playing around with photography for a while now and you think you’re getting some pretty great shots. In fact, you think they are as good as if not better than some of the images you see out there for sale! It’s starting to make you think you might be able to get in on the action and turn the hobby you love into something that might even make you a bit of extra money, even better it might actually be able to bring you a full income! So now you have the notion in mind, where do you start?

To make a little bit of quick cash from your photos consider using sites like GraphicStock or other stock image sites. The downside to this is that you are unlikely to make an awful lot of money but on the plus side it will give you a good idea if the images you have taken will sell to a digital audience. It’s a great place to start if you already have a ton of images and you’re happy to just make a little bit of extra money on the side from them. If your shots are particularly artistic then you might consider doing some prints that you can put up for sale in local coffee shops, restaurants or even sell as prints at craft fairs.

Already gauged your audience, sold a few pieces here and there, think you are ready to turn your hobby into a business? That’s great news! Consider these tips before jumping in:

  • It’s a pretty saturated market so make sure your work stands out from the crowd and you really know your audience and your clients needs
  • Word of mouth is a great asset so if you have already done some work for clients then try to gather as many reviews as possible
  • Make yourself known. You won’t get enough work to make your business a success unless people can find you so tackle 3 things; a great website, great local SEO and fantastic social profiles

A photographer’s biggest asset it their portfolio and as a newbie you won’t have as much to show prospective clients as some of your competitors. Combat this by; making sure the images you do have in your portfolio really shine, sell yourself by making sure you demonstrate fantastic customer service, understand their needs and most of all make it obvious that you absolutely love what you do. If a client thinks you are going to be as enthusiastic about their project as they are then that might just give you an edge over a more seasoned but disinterested competitor.


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