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What Kind of Photographer Are You?

What Kind of Photographer Are You?

Most photographers simply aren’t specialists in everything.

Going into the game thinking that you will be able to photograph anything and everything and provide fantastic results in any arena is a plan of action that is unlikely to reap rewards.

That’s why it’s really important that you work out what your niche is towards the beginning of your career as a photographer.

Knowing your niche area early on leads you to being able to really develop your skills in that focused area.

There is nothing to say that once you have mastered a niche you might not use the transferable skills to move in a slightly different direction with your work but starting off as a ‘Jack of all Trades’ simply won’t help you out in the photography game.

To get you started thinking about what niche is right for you here is some insight to some of the areas you might decide to pursue:

Landscape Photographers: If you have a love of landscape photography and can capture a landscape that really tells a story and evokes an emotional response from the audience then there is a chance that you could do really well selling your images as wall art, graphic design images or for print purposes.

Glamour Photographer: If you have an eye for artistic images with human subjects and a tendency to lean toward modern, artistic and high fashion shots then glamour photography could be for you. You can make money from glamour photography through boudoir shoots, adverts, magazine images and more. The styles used can be closely linked to fashion photography so be careful to keep your audience in mind as glamour and fashion photography done badly can look quite dated, for inspiration take a look at the White Chocolate Glamour Photography website who have some great shots to inspire you.

Wedding Photographer: Are you a people pleaser? Are you keen on reportage, photo journalism and family portraits but just love being at events and in on the action? Wedding photography could be for you. Bare in mind though that when taking up wedding photography you will have some very stressed and picky clients on your hands so you want to make sure you can deliver in quite a few different areas. You must be able to provide fantastic shots in the moment, they won’t get a chance for a retake. You must have a very keen focus on client customer service and know how to help your clients with pretty much anything they need (without detracting from the shots themselves) and you must be able to blend in and not be intrusive on the day whilst still getting brilliant shots of each and every attendee…sounds tricky doesn’t it? It is.

Photojournalist: Have you got a lust for the outdoors and telling a great story but you are a dab hand with a camera too? Photojournalism could be for you. It’s not the easiest profession to get into but it is such an interesting career that it is well worth the fight to get there. To have a fighting chance of starting a career in this niche you need to; learn the tools of the trade and get them down to a fine art, have a nose for a story and be able to tell the story effectively through your images. Most people get the sense of an article way before they start reading and it is the images that draw them on and give them a momentary glance into what’s happening in the piece, it’s your job to produce that with just one shot!

Pet Photographer: If you absolutely love all creatures great and small, are pretty good with shutter speeds and portrait photography, then it’s the pet photography career for you! A challenging subject matter for sure as you’ll be hard pressed to get most animals to pose for a perfect portrait but you will learn a heap of tricks for keeping our furry friends happy throughout a shoot and their owners will be forever grateful for you capturing their little loved ones for the family albums or family home. Get really creative you might even be able to sell shots to publishing companies or in the digital media industry.

There’s so much more to go at but I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration to start digging into photography careers that might be right for you and wish you all the success in the world.