Welcome to The Polished Photographer

This humorous documentary style take on different ‘species of photographers’ is clearly just for a bit of fun but it nicely opens up a few key points…

1) That there are a huge variety of photographic styles no matter what skill level you are at
2) That photography is influenced by social change and mass media
3) That there are hundreds of different ways to use good quality photos
4) That the subject of a photo can be a vast variety of things and it is up to the photographer to either choose something worthy or make it worthy
5) Equipment and positioning can make all the difference when it comes to great images

The Polished Photographer will be bringing you articles, reviews, guides and advice on pretty much everything you need to know as a budding photographer no matter what your skill level. We’ll be touching on the 5 points above in order to bring relevant and useful info to everyone from the selfie lover to the professional wannabee.
The Polished Photographer will be looking at how to achieve the skill level you want to and how to promote, showcase and develop images that are more than fit for any purpose you wish. With examples of excellent portfolios to aspire to, info on some of the most influential photographers in the world and great guides on how to implement photography skills into all kinds of projects seamlessly. This site aims to provide you with guidance that will prepare you to the best possible standard for taking fantastic shots that really stand out from the crowd!

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